Multi Sensory Room / Soft Play Area at the Hub

Book a session (1/2 hour for £2 per child) - contact the Hub

  • The Multi Sensory Room is open to all and users must be accompanied by a supervising adult at all times.

  • We also accept bookings for groups, clubs for exclusive use of the Sensory Room.

The Hub worked closely with ROMPA to design the Multi-Sensory Room to ensure the equipment provides a range of sensory elements for visitors of all ages.

The space is fully equipped with soft play, light and sound sensory equipment which helps visitors to relax, engage, delight, stimulating reactions and encouraging communication.

  • Super Safe Fibre Optic Strands - Light that you can touch, hold and feel! Attracts attention encourages reach, grip and fine motor function to "play" with strands.

  • Milky Way Mat carpet has optical fibres woven into the pile creating a stunning, shimmering effect of continually changing colours. Provides texture, ambiance and visual interest.

  • Rainfall Panels - Butterfly, Water Wheel and Labyrinth - Visual and audible, the encased beads make a delightful ‘rain’ sound as they fall, Bright colours and eye-catching when moved.

  • Colour Wall Controllers

  • Sensory Magic Projector

  • Mirrors

  • Wall Mats

  • Floor Mats

  • Cube Tube

  • Hi-Fi

  • Black out blinds on the windows to create an immersive experience.

The Multi Sensory Room at the Hub includes :-

  • Bubble Tubes (coloured balls and aquatic) where bubbles of air propel multi-coloured balls/fishes or to the top of the tube, then float gently down to restart their journey again. Bubble tubes are used as a complimentary focal tool for sensory regulatory activities or used interactively with encouraging visual tracking, colour recognition,

  • 3 interactive electronic wall panels - Sound to Light, Infinity and Colour Match. Each panel provides a different experience via colour, sound or touch. The panels are user empowering and inclusive, offering opportunity for environmental interaction and control for people of all ages. Designed to be used by people with visual impairment or limited motor skills who may experience limited control of many other life aspects.

  • Vibro Ball Tub - This soft play ballpool provides a multi-sensory experience providing tactile input, vibrations and auditory stimuli through music whilst the soft balls gently change colour providing visual interest. It can be used interactively in a variety of creative ways e.g. to "find" hidden objects, encouraging reach, grasp, grip and problem solving. It may aid hypersensitivity by providing safe sensory input through the vibrations and balls, aiding full body feedback for sensory seeking individuals and a safe environment where people can press, roll and immerse themselves in, or be passively utilised as a relaxing, soothing place.


In addition to the Multi-Sensory Room visitors to the Hub also have access to Changing Places facility which includes toilet, changing bench, shower, hoist and privacy screen.

The Changing Places facility is open 24/7, 365 days a year accessible via RADAR key, which is a first for Angus.